No red tapes, no hidden costs and no delays


Drywall  Painting

  • Whether it is dry wall boarding, taping or painting, our services are trusted, reliable and professional 
  • Why hire us?....5 Reasons!
  • Kenzee Construction is a company among many in Calgary  but with some unique differences.
  • Our response time is unprecedentedly fast, our billing is unbelievably low and our service is unbelievably professional, so is our friendliness.
  • 1. Expertise – We pride ourselves in our professionalism! if you are not satisfied! we will come back within 3 business days to fix the areas you are not satisfied with.
  • 2. Inventory credit back to you- Any unused material is returned to vendor and credited back to the customer
  • 3. Low cost uniform pricing-Our charges are uniform percentage markup on all contracts jobs-No hidden charges, no windfalls. The customer knows what we charge in advance and nothing more.
  • 4. Speedy response and delivery-We respond to inquiries, quotes and set appointments within the hour-Your time is precious to you, so is ours!
  • 5. No job discrimination- At Kenzee, we believe small jobs lead to big ones, so no job is too small to respond to. All you need do is, try us!